Molekulare Pathologie

The development of precision cancer medicine that aims at the specific inhibition of oncogenic targets boosted the success of translational cancer research over the past years. The identification of novel driver oncogenes such as mutant EGFR in lung cancer patients as well as novel therapeutic strategies dramatically changed the therapeutic concepts for the treatment of virtually all cancer types. Despite the unprecedented impact of targeted therapeutics on overall survival of selected patients, the efficacy of targeted therapeutic strategies largely remains disappointing. Inefficient inhibition of the target, primary or acquired resistance and a limited repertoire of chemically accessible targets represent the major obstacles in the field.

Our lab is interested in the molecular principles that underlie the evolution of resistance against targeted therapies and the translation of genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic analyses into actionable therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer patients.

Lab Members

Dr. Katia Garbert, project coordination
Dr. Johannes Brägelmann, postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Niloufar Monhasery, postdoctoral researcher
Dr. Armin Sadat Khonsari, postdoctoral researcher
Marcel Dammert, PhD student
Alena Heimsoeth, PhD student
Hannah Tumbrink, PhD student
Stefanie Lennartz, technical assistant
Carina Lorenz, MD student
Thorben Scholz, BSc student
Fatma Parmaksiz, student assistant

Open Positions

Position for an experimental M.D. thesis

Our group is a dynamic and competitive research lab; our research is centered on functional understanding of molecular processes that modulate the response to cancer therapies. A focus of our work is to combine computational biology as well as molecular cell biology methods. Our lab is currently growing to establish a rich cell biology, oncology, proteomics and genetics environment and make an impact on the development of novel cancer therapies.

We are looking for talented students driven by the desire to make a relevant contribution to the treatment of cancer patients by discovering significant findings in the lab. A high degree of excitement is a must. We offer a great environment within the lab, intensive mentoring and multiple interactions with global leaders, both from academia and industry.

Please contact Katia Garbert +49 221 478-89848 for further assistance or send your CV directly to

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